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Pick & Pack

Wear The Best logistics company is a premier provider of pick and pack services in Charleston, South Carolina, distinguished by its commitment to efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With a state-of-the-art warehouse facility equipped with advanced technology and a highly skilled team, Wear the Best Logistics ensures seamless order fulfillment for businesses of all sizes. The company's pick and pack services involve the meticulous selection of products from inventory, followed by careful packaging to meet the specific requirements of each order. This precision in handling ensures accuracy and timeliness in delivering products to customers, enhancing the overall supply chain effectiveness for businesses in Charleston and beyond."

We have the capability to ship any size order to any customer. This is important due to the growth of e-commerce drop shipping and the ability for companies to partner with major retailers like Amazon with their FBA program. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with both small parcel and LTL carriers that allow us to meet deadlines and provide great discounts to you and your customers.

Project Services

Over our 25 years in business, we have developed a “handyman” mentality in that we can solve any issue that our customers come across whether it’s cleaning their product, manufacturing, sewing, kitting, private label or anything else you can think of. This above and beyond service is why many of our customers have been with us for over 10 years. Below is the list of the variety of services we offer:

  • Kit building.
  • Custom packaging. This can be either poly bagging, gluing, stapling, or for ecommerce presentation of goods.
  • Customization of product. We can assemble or apply accessory.
  • Private labeling.
  • Labeling of products to fit major retailer’s vendor guides.

Return Services

WTB offers to process all returns within a 3-4 business day window and we will follow your instructions in how it needs to be managed. We have handled all types of returns from women’s clothing to electronics where we fully inspect the product for blemishes, verify that the info on the RMA is accurate, repackage/UPC goods and put product back to stock.


We boast an impressive infrastructure comprising three 39,000 square foot facilities strategically situated in South Carolina, complemented by a substantial 80,000 square foot facility in Connecticut. These facilities are meticulously alarmed to provide robust protection against both fire and theft. Within these spaces, our adeptly organized racking system ensures optimal efficiency in product picking, while ample floor space is strategically designated for staging overflow of goods and facilitating Less Than Truckload (LTL) orders. Our cutting-edge system employs the FIFO (First in, first out) methodology to prioritize prime racking space, ensuring that products residing in our facility the longest are dispatched first. This practice holds particular significance for all our clients, with consumable goods taking center stage, underscoring our commitment to quality and timeliness – a commitment further underscored by our FDA approval.  Additionally, our facilities feature dedicated cold storage space, providing a bespoke solution for our clients requiring storage for trade show or event merchandise.

Dedicated Support

When you join our team, Wear The Best will dedicate a select group of employees to manage your account. This will include an owner, Office manager (upper tier management), floor manager, and 1 to 4 employees (dependent on scope of services needed). We believe having a group involved daily will help find manufacturer issues, improve efficiency, and lower the chance of human error when picking.

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