Administrative Support

“Hands-on” Approach

There are tiers of management in our company like any other, but what makes us unique and offer that boutique feel is that our upper tier management is “hands on” and doesn’t just sit back in an office. This approach of personal involvement from when the product first arrives to when it ships out allows WTB to identify issues far faster than our competitors. This approach also streamlines the communication of all info to our administrative staff as well as you, and helps to create the most efficient shipping process for all of your orders.

Logistical Management

Fortunately, over the last 25 years we have developed strong relationships with several LTL and small parcel companies to help with our fulfillment and logistics process. These relationships, as well as our high volume of shipments, allow us to offer our customers significant discounts on all shipments. Whether its drop shipping orders, arranging to have products picked up and delivered to our facility, or handling your shipments 3rd party, we can find your company the best price without the hassle of dealing 3rd Party companies. Below are the partners we utilize:

warehouse Management system

In today’s day and age, a company must keep up with technological advances or be left in the dust. The order fulfillment industry is no exception, and in fact I would say we have it twice as hard.  This is why WTB made the investment in a cutting edge warehouse management system called 3PL Central.  The benefits of this software for your business are the following:

  • Connect directly to your ERP or website platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.).
    • Pull the orders automatically out into WMS for pick & pack.
    • Once the order is shipped, tracking information will be uploaded into your platform with in 15 minutes so you and your customer will receive the notification sooner.
  • Offers a web customer portal to allow you or other members of your team to see real time order or inventory status.
  • We utilize the scanning technology where we can scan every order and product to ensure we receive everything we should as well as confirm every customer gets their order accurately. 

EDI Compatible

At Wear The Best, we are fully integrated with our partner SPS Commerce to process orders that are required to be EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) compliant. Everyday major companies (your customers) are advancing their supply chain with this fast-growing technology. WTB has the capability to produce all labels required for EDI shipments and we will communicate with your customer for all their EDI needs from ASN’s to invoicing.

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