Brief History

Back in 1993, brothers-in-law’s Rick Shanley and Paul MacKay started Wear The Best. Like many of our customers we started off with clothing. As years went by, WTB started helping other businesses by allowing them space in our warehouse as well as working with them to help with the fulfillment of orders. The retail business is a tough one, and we discovered we liked working with other business owners to help them grow their business. Those days of helping our friends to fulfill orders, working side by side to meet their customers’ needs were a welcome break from the pressure of the retail market.

One day we decided that we would rather focus our energy on helping others to grow their business, instead of selling directly. We changed our business from a retail store to a central hub for warehousing and shipping products for our business’s partners. Our approach was to do something different then what the order fulfillment industry traditionally offered. We offer a boutique style, hands-on feel to our operations. This was inspired by Rick's experiences when he was selling his clothing. He loved walking into businesses that specialized in high-end ambiance, hands-on service and the idea that the service and products were superior to the major corporations. Rick's dream, was to bring this atmosphere, attention to detail, and quality to the fulfillment industry. Once we started, our business took off and we haven’t looked back since.

  • Connecticut location:
    32 Henry St.
    BLDG. 17A
    Bethel, CT 06801
  • South Carolina Locations:
    4279-J, 4269-G & 4289-O Crosspoint Dr.
    Ladson, South Carolina 29456


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CT Mailing address:
PO BOX 119
Bethel, CT 06801

SC Mailing address:
4279-J Crosspoint Dr. Ladson, South Carolina 29456

(P) 203.744.8336
(F) 203.744.8337


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